Mini Match Me


Icon width 90 Icon depth 29.2 Icon height 8
Mini Match Me shelf 90cm, ottawa pine. b.90 x d.29,2 x h.8 cm
Technical drawing - CL_07.56.402.xx

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Material description Ottawa pine
Products in Ottawa pine are made of melamine plated mdf or chipboard. This melamine-plated board is on the top, front and sides plated with HPL in order to make it waterproof. Ottawa pine is a relatively dark brown type of wood pattern with a slight grey haze over it, it has a rather rough grain. Because of its surface with grain texture it has a genuine wooden feeling. In spite of this texture it is very easy to maintain with regular cleansing products. The melamine board plated with HPL ensures that the product is protected against water, however water left evaporating can leave stains.
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