Mini Match Me


Icon width 120 Icon depth 29.2 Icon height 8
Mini Match Me shelf 120cm, high-gloss white lacquered. b.120 x d.29,2 x h.8 cm
Technical drawing - CL_07.56.403.xx

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Material description White high-gloss lacquered
Products in white high-gloss lacquer are made of mdf that receives 5 layers of white paint; afterwards 2 coatings of transparent high-gloss lacquer are applied. After drying the product is completely polished in order to obtain the perfect high-gloss lacquered surface. Because of this carefully created surface it’s rather vulnerable for scratches. Therefore it is advised to clean the product very carefully by wiping it first with a dry soft cloth, and then cleaning it with a moist shammy. The use of any abrasive products should be avoided at any time.
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