Supplier of the Year
Clou: Supplier of the Year
The start of this month saw the presentation of the annual Marketing Awards for Sanitary Ware and Tile Specialists. Sanitary Ware manufacturer Clou from Limburg was accorded the accolade of ‘Supplier of the Year’. Proud director Math Meertens says, ‘Clou is a real people’s business – also for the customer.’

Math Meertens was over the moon when he heard that Clou had been chosen as Supplier of the Year. ‘It shows that our customers see us as a pleasant company to work with,’ he says. ‘We have also had very close ties with our dealers for as long as I can remember. Look at our price lists, our catalogues and our website. The standard is second to none and they were all assembled with one aim in mind: what is easiest for our customer? Before we start using our documentation we have it assessed by our customers and their personnel. The quality of our visual material, manuals and technical drawings is just as outstanding.’
‘Another important point: customers can realize a margin on Clou products. The design is distinctive and the prices are competitive. We’re well-stocked and we deliver fast. Our aftersales and service are smooth and well organized. We have a very experienced team. So, all things considered, we run a tight ship at Clou and our customers can count on us for a top performance.’
The Sanitary Ware and Tile Specialist Marketing Awards, an initiative of Qumedia trade publications, have been running for more than ten years. The procedure has been the same all that time: the editorial teams ask businesses and buyers in the sector to nominate candidates and products. The ones with the most nominations form a shortlist of three and the readers chose the winners.
Clou winner
Clou was nominated along with Galvano and Technische Unie for the category ‘Supplier of the Year’. This year’s winner in the ‘Product Innovation’ category was Van Rijsingen. When asked ‘What is the most successful innovation or the innovation with the greatest expectations?’ the editors and readers said their Aquasound system. The Award for ‘The best advertising or marketing campaign for a business or product’ went to the Aquaclean by Geberit.